2021/22 Topps UEFA Champions League Collection Soccer 7-Pack Blaster Box (Sparkle Foil Parallels!)

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2021/22 Topps UEFA Champions League Collection Soccer 7-Pack Blaster Box (Sparkle Foil Parallels!)

Look for Autograph Cards and RARE Die-Cut Cards!

2021/22 Topps UEFA Champions League Collection is jam-packed with exciting new designs and parallels. This debut 300-card collection features the world's biggest stars on the ultimate stage!

Collect the best of the best in the 200-card Base Set, and all-new Insert sets, such as Road to St. Petersburg and 1975/76 Topps Footballers. Also look out for autograph cards and rare die-cut cards!




Collect all 200 Base Set cards, including the special 5-card Title Winners subset highlighting Chelsea FC's 2020/21 road to UCL glory.

The debut of the official All-Star Rookie Cup Team in this collection includes a new iconic Rookie Cup logo, highlighting the game's brightest young talents.

Base Set Parallels (Card #s 1-200):


Future Stars:

There's a new generation of talent taking over the game. Collect the hottest young stars from the world's biggest clubs in the classic Future Stars subset!

Flags of Foundation:

With the ever-expanding array of nationalities playing the beautiful game, check out this insert highlighting all the diversity that the UCL has to offer.

1975/76 Topps Footballer:

Showcasing the iconic 1975/76 Topps design on vintage stock, find your favorite players and rookie phenoms from around the league on this throwback favorite.

Road to St. Petersburg - 1:4 Packs:

The road to the UCL final is long and grueling. These 20 subjects look to spark a run and carry their team to glory in the 2021/22 UCL final, hosted in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Best of the Best:

You can't argue with statistics. Using cutting-edge analytics, this year's insert highlights leaders in 15 unique stat categories, showcasing the game's best of all-time and in 2020/21.


The iconic No. 10 shirt is a badge of honor. Collect the UCL's most exciting 10s on this brand-new die-cut insert.


Look for a mixture of Base Card Autograph Variations and Ultimate Stage Autographs across hobby and value boxes!


7 packs per box, 6 cards per pack

Product Highlights

  • Look for Autograph Cards!
  • Collect Base Set Parallels!
  • Look for the Title Winners Subset Cards!
  • Find RARE Die-Cut Cards!
  • Collect Future Stars Inserts!

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