Almanac: The Dragon Road

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Almanac: The Dragon Road

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Your caravan is ready, the wagons are packed, and your gaze turns to path leading out of town and over the horizon. The path ahead is fraught with peril, but such is the price for unimaginable fortune.

This first step is one of many along the Dragon Road, hard as it may be. You'll travel to many cities, each one as unique as the last. The paths are filled with both friends and monsters at each turn, but which ones you'll face is up to you. Adventure is just a page turn away.

Almanac: The Dragon Road is the first entry in the Almanac series of games from acclaimed designer Scott Almes (Tiny Epic series, HarborBoomerang).

Your goal is simple, prove that you are the true caravan leader by acquiring the most wealth by the end of the game. Each round of the game is played on a different page of the game book, each page representing a unique village with a special twist on worker placement. Navigate the rapids of a river trading town, carefully balance your weight while trading in a tree top village, and a variety of other pitfalls and customs you'll need to master in order to trade. Send out the members of your caravan to trade goods, complete contracts, and enhance your caravan to prepare for the journey ahead.

When you depart, the caravan leader will choose the path and the next town. Not only does this determine which encounters you'll face on the road, but ensures each game never the same. Combining rich narrative and intuitive yet unique game mechanisms, every game is a new adventure!


120 Goods Tokens
75 Gold Tokens
49 Location Tokens
30 Caravan Cards
24 Contract Cards
24 Workers (6 per player)
20 Encounter Cards
12 Guard Tokens
4 Player Screens
4 Starting Caravan Cards
1 Die (6-sided)
1 Almanac Game Book
1 Fight Die
1 Guide Token
1 Rule Book

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60-90 minutes

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