Juan Soto - PSA 10 GM MT 2023 Chrome HIDDEN GEMS - SSP ULTRA RARE Odds 1:175,023

Sale price$661.78


This Juan Soto sports trading card is a rare gem for any collector. Graded by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) with a score of 10, this 35 Pt. card stock comes from the 2023 Bowman set, with the card number HG-13. It features a stunning image of the baseball star and is part of the exclusive Hidden Gems insert set. This particular card is a case hit, ultra SSP, short print, and ultra rare - with odds of only 1:175,023 to find one. The card also has a number of other features, including being a product hit, chase, secret, limited edition, pallet hit, and parallel/variety card from the Topps Chrome set. Despite not mentioning the condition, this card is in mint condition and perfect for any Juan Soto or baseball fan. Don't miss out on this chance to add a rare and valuable card to your collection. Listed With Mascot.

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