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In a century hence, as the polar ice caps melt, and great civilizations falter, local clans clash as they vie for what precious little dry land remains above the flooded MELTSCAPE. Your clan must build floating bridges through a sunken city to seize the opposing clans land before they can seize yours. To do so, Chieftain must mind-meld with a SNAIRG-Rattler, and your clan must dispose of as many opposing clansmen as possible.


Clans start set up along two strips of land, on either side of the game board. Using Floating Bridge Hexes, both clans build floating bridges to the Gravity Wave Corporation building so the Chieftains can mind-meld with a prototype weapon, the Rattler, which gives the Chieftains the power to win. When she is ready, Chieftain will then cross over the flooded city to seize the opposing clan's land, and win the game.

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