Mystic Vale: Spirits of the Vale (2017 Event Kit) OOP

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Mystic Vale Event Kit: Spirits of the Vale 


The spirits of nature cry out for your aid as the evil king's curse taints the land. Without your aid, the land will not only grow more corrupt but the spirits will also be consumed, adding their essence to the plague. As a hero of your druidic clan, you must gather your strength and rally your allies to restore the Valley of Life.

Lorebooks allow up to 8 players to track achievements during their journey to aid the spirits of nature. Spirit tokens are offered to those who heed their call for aid. Gaia also offers her blessing to the heroes brave and determined enough to complete their final tasks.

8 player lorebooks
8 sets of 12 promo cards
8 sets of 10 animal spirit tokens
8 sets of 10 forest spirit tokens
8 sets of 10 sky spirit tokens
8 sets of 10 wild spirit tokens

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