Scary Tales - The Giant vs. Snow White

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Scary Tales - The Giant vs. Snow White


The bards have sung of Scary Tales in the kingdom of old. The king has died, leaving no heirs, and all has fallen into shadow. The enchanted forest is feared. The castle is covered in dark clouds. Evil has crept into the lives of the townsfolk and the corruption has affected all. Only those with the utmost abilities in strength, wisdom, magic and luck will be able to collect enough relics from the stories of long ago to prove themselves worthy of being the new leader...Fee, Fi, Fo, don't want to mess with this chum. The Giant can crush his foes with his enormous strength, and he has his Magic Hen on his side as well. But sly Snow White is no longer her sweet self and she has some tricks up her sleeve, including the assistance of her Seven Dwarfs. Will the kingdom thrive under the rule of either of these challengers? A battle of enormous proportions awaits!Add another deck and use any combination of characters to make a 2 - 4 player game: Scary Tales - Little Red Riding Hood vs. Pinocchio For 2 players (if playing with only one deck; each deck adds up to two players), ages 10 and up.Playing time: 20 minutesContents: 55 playing cards, 7 dice and instructions. Playroom Entertainment Scary Tales - The Giant vs. Snow White - Theme/Subject: Fun

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