International Trading Card Day is August 5th .....
What kind of collector are you? No matter what you chase, this day is yours to celebrate 
International Trading Card Day is right around the corner  To celebrate #thehobby, we have partnered with card shops nationwide to give away packs featuring your favorite Topps licenses!

The Global Day of Hobby Celebration Returns

Topps International Trading Card Day returns for 2023! The Hobby’s favorite holiday returns on August 5th, offering free packs of Topps cards for anyone who visits their local, participating Hobby Shop.

In addition to all the in-store excitement, you’ll now be able to score free packs at your favorite MLB Stadium throughout the summer.

What is International Trading Card Day?

Topps International Trading Card Day emerged out of National Baseball Card Day.

Traditionally, National Baseball Card Day took place the first week in August, when new and established collectors could visit their local Hobby Shop for special packs and cards. With the Hobby’s exponential global growth, Topps reimagined the annual card day into something bigger and better: Topps International Trading Card Day!

This year’s International Trading Card Day pays homage to its baseball roots but also celebrates international sports and entertainment cards that continue to grow the Hobby worldwide.

In 2022, Topps International Trading Card Day featured three pack options: MLB, UEFA Champions League and Garbage Pail Kids. Fans can find this same assortment for the 2023 cardboard celebration along with three new choices. 2023 Topps International Trading Card Day also adds Athletes Unlimited, Bowman University Football and Formula 1 packs to the lineup.

On top of that, those who purchase $10+ in Bowman or Topps products earn an exclusive gift-with-purchase incentive card. Collectors can grab the Adley Rutschman card on August 5 and the Mike Trout card on August 12.


For complete information, check out the 2023 Topps International Trading Card Day page.
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