2017 Bowman Chrome Baseball Hobby Boxes

There are few releases more anticipated this season than 2017 Bowman Chrome Baseball and it is the best place to get autographed Rookie Cards from promising talents that are making a splash at the big league level now or in the future.

Available as either Hobby or Home Team Advantage Choice boxes, there are certain perks to purchasing either type. Hobby boxes come with a pair of autographs along with an all-new Prospect Shimmer parallel and two 2016 Arizona Fall League Fall Stars inserts. The HTA Choice option offers up three autographs in a box instead to cut right to the chase for some collectors.

The 2017 Bowman Chrome Baseball set is part of a strong annual tradition and will feature a mix of veteran players along with this season’s top freshmen. Each pack contains two Bowman Chrome Prospects and every box has two Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs – and those signatures will be on-card.



















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