We do submissions for Beckett / BGS / SGC Grading Services via a trusted partner. 

We can handle your request in person and basically give you the same quality of service as we do for PSA / CGC / CSG.

Please DM the store or IG - DickandJanes1989



1. When do I have to pay my grading fees? 

Pre-payment is required to process all orders before they are shipped.  We can work with you, if needed!

2. What is your processing time between when you receive my cards and when you ship them ? 

We do our best to process your cards within 2 to 5 business days of arrival at our processing center.  But BECKETT is slower than PSA or CGC

3. How quickly do you ship cards back to me once they’ve been returned

We typically ship orders back to customers within 24 hours after receiving back

4. Can I send in cards for different service levels and/or across different card levels? 

Yes – this is one of many benefits of submitting with us. We do require a submission sheet for each level of service you are using.

5. Why do I have to list out all of my cards? Why can’t I just send you everything?

We have found over the past 20+ years of submitting that this documentation protects you (the customer) and us (your service partner). When we receive your cards we are able to quickly confirm receipt of all cards listed on your spreadsheet and contact you if any cards are missing from either the spreadsheet or the shipment.

6. How do I calculate the estimated value of each card on the spreadsheet? 

We recommend that you use Beckett Book Value (BV) or eBay completed listings for your card in a similar condition. For modern cards, you can use the average sale price for raw cards. In rare occasions, you may get an upcharge if your declared value is far less than the graded value.

7. What is a upcharge? 

THIS IS RARE! Please note that at times, they can “upcharge” a card on an order, if the grade received pushes the card into another value tier. Customers are responsible for these upcharges on the rare occasions that they occur, typically on cards that have graded a 10 and increased in value between the time they were submitted and graded. We pass the cost of these charges directly to you in your invoice.

8. What is your process for pre-screening and does it cost extra?

 We prescreen at no charge upon your request. We do not guarantee any grades, we simply judge your cards using the same standards we use for our own cards to try and eliminate any that are not (in our opinion) worthy of grading at the time of submission.

9. What do you do with my cards that are screened out and not submitted

Rejected cards cost you $2/card but you save the grading fee and a bad grade. In general, we will return those cards back to you at no additional cost. If the number of cards or the value of the cards requires significant insurance, we will contact you to discuss any additional payment required on a case-by-case basis.

Wondering how to prepare, pack, and ship us your cards?

Follow the simple instructions below, or, for more information, check

  1. Sleeve your cards in penny sleeves and semi rigids or toploads (please do not use tape or tabs on the sleeves)
  2. Pack your cards securely to protect them from shifting in transit
  3. Print your inventory form and include in your shipment
  4. Use insured, trackable shipping via USPS, FedEx, or UPS
  5. Ship to ….

Dick & Jane’s

ATTN: Grading

1833 Dean Rd

Jacksonville, FL 32216



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