2018 Bowman Mega Box Chrome Baseball

This was a special purchase and will only be here for a limited time!

One of the breakout hits of 2017 returns with 2018 Bowman Mega Box Chrome Baseball. Featuring many of the top rookies and prospects from 2018 Bowman, the Target-only release includes two packs of the exclusive cards in every box. There are also five packs of 2018 Bowman Baseball.

Already seeing strong demand upon release, Topps added a little extra hype by revealing that 2018 Bowman Mega Box Chrome Baseball has limited redemptions for Shohei Ohtani 2018 Bowman Chrome Rookie Autographs. Per Topps, these are the base versions like the ones found in 2018 Bowman, and do not feature the mojo pattern.

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