2018 Topps Finest Baseball Hobby Box

A modern hobby staple, 2018 Topps Finest Baseball lives up to its reputation for elaborate designs, Chrome technology, and Refractor parallels.

Packing two hard-signed autographs per master box, 2018 Finest MLB features several new inserts done in the renowned style of the brand.

2018 Topps Finest Baseball Base / Inserts

Pushing even more abstract than 2017, 2018 Topps Finest Baseball uses a base design with a lot of action, and several colors. Naturally, there are Refractor parallels for the seasoned players and rookies, including Ohtani, in the main set, plus the various inserts.

2018 Topps Finest Baseball

New inserts in the 2018 Topps Finest Baseball checklist include Finest Cornerstones, which puts the current face of the franchise on a design that pays homage to the 1994-95 Finest Basketball Cornerstone cards. Sitting Red uses the ball itself, and highlights the players that can really mash.

2018 Topps Finest Baseball

There is also the annual Finest Careers Die-Cut insert at two per case. This year honors Cal Ripken Jr. with a 10-card set. Parallels consist of Gold Refractor (#/50) and SuperFractor (1/1) editions.

2018 Topps Finest Baseball Autographs

Once again delivering two on-card autographs per box, the signed choices in 2018 Topps Finest Baseball include the main Finest Autographs using the base design, as well as Finest Firsts Autographs for the rookies, and Finest Hour Autographs with a large clock face in the background. Among the parallels are new Orange Wave Refractors, limited to 25 copies.

2018 Topps Finest Baseball

There are also signed versions for the Finest Careers, Cornerstones and Sitting Red inserts. In addition, Finest Originals presents autographed buybacks from earlier sets.

Release Date: 06/06/2018
Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 6 packs per mini box, 2 mini boxes per master box, 8 master boxes per case

2018 Topps Finest Baseball Hobby Box Break

  • 2 Autographs



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