Core Set 2020 Boxes

Core Set 2020 Booster Box | 36 Booster Packs (540 Cards) | Factory Sealed

NOTE:  Price Subject to Change Without Notice

Release Date: July 12, 2019

PRE-RELEASE EARLY PICKUP – Starting July 5th @ 3:00 PM

BUY-A-BOX PROMO:  Multicolor cards are sweet, and they usually do some pretty sweet things in your decks. So, what if I told you there was a multicolor card that added recursion to all your other multicolor cards? Amazing! Meet Rienne, Angel of Rebirth, the Buy-a-Box promo for Core Set 2020. You can preorder a booster box from your local store and pick it up at the Core Set 2020 Prerelease July 5–7. Or you can pick up your box on or after the release date (July 12), and, if your store has any promos left, you’ll get your own Angel of Rebirth

Each Box contains 36 Booster  Packs

COUNTLESS PATHS TO VICTORY. Includes 36 Core Set 2020 (M20) booster packs, each with 15 Magic cards. Pick your favorites, put them in your deck, and battle.

IT’S DRAFT NIGHT. Crack your box and booster draft with up to 12 friends for an unforgettable game night filled with epic creatures and devastating spells.

MAGIC LIKE YOU REMEMBER IT. Core Set 2020 is the perfect way to get back into the game. Jump back in and experience all the combat, strategy, and art that made the game iconic.

FILL YOUR BINDER. Righteous angels and ferocious dragons await. Every booster pack includes at least 1 rare or mythic rare card.

THE GAME THAT STARTED IT ALL. The original strategy card game, Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has inspired more than 20 million fans over 25 years.

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