Relative Scarcity of Pokémon illustrators!

Take a quick dive into the relative scarcity between these major Pokémon illustrators!

Looking at the total listings and sales for various illustrators across the past 60 days, we can get an idea of just how common or rare some of these autographs are.

It’s crazy to see just how common Arita, Fukuda and Saitou autographs are compared to everyone else. And there are as many Arita listings/sales than all of the other illustrators combined!


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 Disclaimers and Transparency: Sales data was compiled through a few sources: PWCC Results, Goldin Auction Results, Heritage Auction Results, eBay Sales (sourced from 130point) and Private Sales Data. Some private sales data come from members of the community, other private sales data came from our own private sales. Some private sales included cards of exceptional nature and, while we recognize the importance of these sales and will touch on them when we discuss the highest known sales for each Autograph, these high-end outliers were not used in any statistical analysis that will follow. In total, we compiled roughly 100 data points across six primary illustrators: Arita, Fukuda, Saitou, Sugimori, Himeno and Nishida