Root Board Game


Root Board Game

Root – Riverfolk Expansion

Find adventure in this marvelous asymmetric game. Root provides limitless replay value as you and your friends explore the unique factions all wanting to rule a fantastic forest kingdom. Play as the Marquise de Cat and dominate the woods, extracting its riches and policing its inhabitants, as the Woodland Alliance, gathering supporters and coordinate revolts against the ruling regime, the Eyrie Dynasties, regaining control of the woods while keeping your squabbling court at bay, or as the Vagabond, seeking fame and fortune as you forge alliances and rivalries with the other players. Each faction has its own play style and paths to victory, providing an immersive game experience you will want to play again and again. The Riverfolk

Expansion adds two new actions, new vagabonds, and exciting new game modes. Play as the: * Lizard Cult – Indoctrinate the dispossessed creatures of the woods and spread your creed far and wide. * Riverfolk Company – Capitalize on crisis. Offer services and expand your trade operations to secure your status as a merchant king. * Second Vagabond – Compete with a rival Vagabond to gain fame and fortune while the other factions attempt to secure their rule. Play against the: * Mechanical Marquise – Wage war against the Mechanical Marquise in competitive or cooperative modes!

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