Star Wars Destiny: Rivals Draft Set (Feb 15th)

Star Wars Destiny: Rivals Draft Set

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Good is a point of view, Anakin. The Sith and the Jedi are similar in almost every way, including their quest for greater power.”
Palpatine, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Since Awakenings was released in 2016, Star Wars™: Destiny has grown and evolved through Spirit of Rebellion and Empire at War. Players have engaged in duels with characters spanning the entire Star Wars saga. Now, it’s time to find a different path to your destiny.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present the Star Wars: Destiny Rivals Draft Set, the backbone of a brand-new way to play Star Wars: Destiny.

The Star Wars: Destiny Rivals Draft Set introduces a new way to play Destiny in the form of draft and sealed events. Playing in a draft requires each player to have one Rivals Draft Set and six Star Wars: Destiny booster packs of any set. What’s more, the cards in your Rivals Draft Set are completely reusable—no matter how many drafts you play, you’ll only ever need to buy a single copy of the Rivals Draft Set to enable your draft games of Star Wars: Destiny!

You can pre-order your Rivals Draft Set at your local retailer or online through our website today, and read on for more information!

No Such Thing as Luck

During a Star Wars: Destiny draft event, every player will open three booster packs and combine the cards into a single pack. Then, every player will select a single card from the pack and pass the remaining cards to their left for the next player to select a single card before passing the pack on again. Once all of these cards have all been selected, the next three packs are opened and players draft cards again, passing in the opposite direction. When the draft is finished, you and each of your fellow players will have thirty cards from the booster packs and the twenty cards featured in their Rivals Draft Set to construct a deck of twenty to thirty cards. In the draft format, you can add as many copies of a card to a deck as you want, even crossing the boundaries of morality to mix hero, villain, and neutral cards in the same deck.


In a draft, each player needs a Star Wars: Destiny Rivals Draft Set and six Star Wars: Destiny booster packs. In the sealed format, every player needs a Star Wars: Destiny Rivals Draft Set and eight Destiny booster packs.

A sealed event works similarly to a draft. Every player starts with eight booster packs and opens all of them, ending up with forty cards from the booster packs and the twenty cards in the Star Wars: Destiny Rivals Draft Set to construct a deck.

The twenty cards within the Rivals Draft Set are meant to supplement the cards you draft from Booster Packs. With characters, supports, upgrades, and events of every color, the Rivals Draft Set gives you all the tools you need to construct a successful deck. What’s more, every card featured in Rivals is legal for constructed play in Destiny, making this a great way to expand your collection. In addition, the cards in your Rivals Draft Set can be reused from game to game—so no matter how many draft games you play, you’ll only ever need a single copy of the Rivals Draft Set!

The Space Between

Should you choose to draft heavy into blue but are missing a solid character, Rivals introduces Anakin Skywalker, Conflicted Apprentice  (Rivals, 1). Anakin Skywalker represents the conflict between the light and dark found in all characters in Rivals. As a neutral character, Anakin can be built with an exclusively hero or exclusively villain deck in constructed play, and gains distinct advantages for each, letting either his protective nature or inner rage shine through. Anakin can be used as a hero, teamed up with characters like  Rey, Finding the Ways (Two-Player Starter, 24) to provide a steady stream of shields or with Villains like Captain Phasma, Ruthless Tactician (Two-Player Starter, 2) to create a team focused on pure damage. Anakin can slot into a hero or villain deck perfectly in constructed play, and his presence can be used to add in powerful blue cards during draft play.

But perhaps you went a different direction with your draft, and you need a Red character to fill out your drafted deck. Lobot, Cyborg Aide (Rivals, 2) might be exactly what you are looking for. His special symbol allows you to resolve one of your dice, increasing its value by two. Furthermore, while you control the battlefield, Lobot gains the Guardian Keyword. With the Guardian ability and the potential to boost the value of other dice, Lobot is a great support character used the fuel the abilities of more expensive characters. If you find you have drafted a powerful fifteen-to-twenty point character with plenty of damage like Mace Windu (Empire at War, 34), Lobot may be a solid choice to add protection and additional damage to your team.


Players looking to build a trickier deck can find Ketsu Onyo, Black Sun Operative (Rivals, 3) in Rivals. Before one of your characters is defeated, you can move a Weapon from that character to Ketsu. This essentially gives all of your Weapon cards the redeploy keyword if your opponent chooses to focus damage on another one of your characters. Teaming up Ketsu with characters like Rey, Force Prodigy (Awakenings, 28) can allow you to take full advantage of Rey’s ability, while ensuring any Weapon you equip her with will be around until the end of the game, moved to Ketsu in case of Rey’s defeat.  This makes Ketsu Onyo an aggressive support, able to deal damage when needed and ideally getting a boost when your other characters are defeated.

Along with neutral characters, Rivals introduces another first to Star Wars: Destiny in the form of a Gray character. It’s possible that when drafting you may come up just a little short of your full, thirty point allotment. This is where the Jawa Scavenger (Rivals, 4) comes into play. At only six points, the Scavenger can give your team the extra strength they need to succeed, and after you activate the Scavenger, you may discard a support or upgrade that costs two or more to gain a resource. While the Scavenger’s die may not hit consistently with two blank sides, their ability to convert your cards into resources can help fuel your deck’s resource engine and give you the tools you need to play high-costed cards.


The Jawa Scavenger is also currently the only card that can allow you to play Resourceful  (Rivals, 13), which can only be used if you spot a Gray character. Resourceful lets you remove one of your character dice to gain one resource. If you rolled a blank (something that’s especially likely with the Jawa Scavenger), this can be a way to scavenge something from a bad result and turn that blank into something useful for future rounds.

A New Path

With the Star Wars: Destiny Rivals Draft Set, your destiny is in your hands. The set features a fresh new way to play Destiny and features cards that will become staples in constructed play.


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