Topps Major League Soccer - Flagship and Chrome

Topps Major League Soccer

The History Behind Topps MLS Flagship


Topps boasts a rich and enduring legacy of producing MLS trading card products for over a decade, starting in 2012. Throughout this impressive tenure, the MLS trading card set has continually evolved, adapting to the changing landscape of the sport and the collecting community. However, amidst this evolution, one constant remains—the hallmark of a clean and distinctive flagship look and feel.

Why Does MLS Flagship Matter?

Topps MLS Flagship holds an iconic status in Major League Soccer. It stands as an enduring cornerstone in the MLS portfolio, signifying more than just trading cards—it represents the gateway to capturing the essence of each season. Each release provides collectors with their inaugural opportunity to obtain the most coveted cards of the season, including key rookies and new transfers. What truly elevates this year’s edition to unparalleled heights is the inclusion of the 2023 Ballon d’Or winner, Lionel Messi, making his historic debut with his first-ever MLS card for Inter Miami. This monumental addition underscores the profound significance of MLS Flagship within the soccer collecting community.

Who Is MLS Flagship For?

MLS Flagship transcends boundaries and is designed to embrace a diverse community of soccer enthusiasts. With offerings catering to both retail and hobby markets, it extends a warm welcome to fans from all walks of life. Whether you’re a seasoned supporter of the sport or a rookie prospector searching for emerging talents from the U.S. soccer scene, MLS Flagship opens its doors to everyone who shares a passion for the beautiful game. It’s a testament to soccer’s unifying power, providing an inclusive collecting experience.

What’s New in this Year’s Product?

The 2023 iteration of MLS Flagship introduces an exciting array of innovations that are set to captivate collectors. Notably, collectors can anticipate the arrival of rare Lionel Messi base cards, including an ultra-short print GOAT image variation of the soccer legend himself. This year’s release also unveils a novel case hit, “Pearlers,” boasting a distinctive presence on a thick Chrome stock. Adding to the intrigue are the elusive “Big City Strikers,” a rarity that graces collectors with an average of 2 per case. These new elements promise an elevated level of excitement and collectibility.

What Am I Chasing in This Year’s Product?

Within the treasure trove of MLS Flagship for this year, collectors will find a myriad of captivating gems to pursue. Standout prizes include the ultra-short print Messi GOAT image variation, the sought-after Messi Big City Strikers case hit, rare Messi base cards, and the promise of 3 autographs or relics per box. The introduction of Pearlers as case hits adds an extra layer of thrill and exclusivity. Collectors also have the opportunity to chase down the 2023 rookies, nameplate patch relics, and a wide array of other enticing collectibles. MLS Flagship promises an abundance of soccer treasures waiting to be discovered by collectors and enthusiasts alike.