2022 Bowman Draft Baseball Hobby Jumbo Pack (Jackson Holliday / Elly De La Cruz ??)

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2022 Bowman Draft Baseball Hobby Jumbo Pack

Collect the 1st Bowman Card of 2022 MLB #1 Draft Pick Jackson Holliday!

2022 Bowman Draft Baseball is in a class of its own as the premier spot to find all the newly drafted and hottest prospects from throughout Baseball!

Collect the entire 200-card Base Card set chock full of headline prospects fresh off the 2022 MLB Draft!

Look for 1st Bowman Cards of 2022 MLB Draft Picks including Kumar Rocker, Termarr Johnson, Elijah Green, Cade Horton, Brooks Lee, Gavin Cross, Gabriel Hughes, Kevin Parada, Jace Jung, Zach Neto, Jett Williams, Dylan Lesko, Chase DeLauter, Brandon Barriera, Cooper Hjerpe, and Cole Young!


Key Players

  • Jackson Holliday
  • Elijah Green
  • Termarr Johnson
  • Zach Neto
  • Brooks Lee
  • Jett Williams
  • Kevin Parada
  • Cooper Hjerpe
  • Cade Horton
  • Kumar Rocker
  • Chase DeLauter
  • Drew Gilbert
  • Dylan Lesko
  • Brandon Barriera
  • Jace Jung

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