2023 Bowman Chrome Mega Box - SUPER HOT!!!! [5 Packs + 2 Mega Packs]

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2023 Bowman Chrome Mega Box - SUPER HOT!!!!  [5 Packs + 2 Mega Packs]


2023 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Baseball delivers more mojo. Spinning out of 2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball, it takes a handful of parts from the checklist and gives cards a now-familiar Mega Box “mojo” makeover with a geometric pattern running through the background.

Each box has seven packs. However, just two have the exclusive Mega Box content. The other five are standard Bowman Chrome Baseball cards.

Cards per pack: Mega Box Chrome – 5, Bowman Chrome – 5
Packs per box: Mega Box Chrome – 2, Bowman Chrome – 5
Set size: 100 cards
Release date: October 4, 2023

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