2023 Topps Heritage Baseball 8-Pack Blaster Box

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2023 Topps Heritage Baseball 8-Pack Blaster Box

A perfect blend of nostalgia and modern Baseball, 2023 Topps Heritage Baseball showcases current stars, emerging rookies and legends on cards featuring and inspired by the 1974 design.

Collectors can find on-card autograph cards, relics, original 1974 Topps Baseball cards and more.


BASE CARDS: This 500-card set contains modern day players, League Leaders, All-Stars, Postseason highlights and rookie stars.

Short printed base cards (#401-500) are found 1:3 packs.

Base Card Parallels:
- Base Card Variations (Select Subjects)
- Mini Base - numbered to 100
- Throwback Uniforms - ULTRA RARE
- Nickname Variations - Limited
Look for more unannounced surprises!

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