2023 Topps Series 2 Baseball 7-Pack Blaster Box

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2023 Topps Series 2 Baseball 7-Pack Blaster Box

Continue your collection with Topps Baseball Series 2. Packs will include cards highlighting baseball’s brightest stars, rising young talent, and revered legends of the game.

Look for all new base cards, themed insert sets, autographs and relic cards in packs and boxes hitting store shelves in June 2023.

Base Cards

The base set extends here with an additional 330 cards (#331-660) featuring MLB® veterans, rookies, team cards, and future stars. 

Rainbow Foil Parallel – Inserted 1:10 packs
Royal Blue Parallel – Inserted 1:10 packs RETAIL EXCLUSIVE
Blue Foil Board Parallel – #’d to 999 RETAIL EXCLUSIVE
Purple Foil Board Parallel – #’d to 799 RETAIL EXCLUSIVE
Gold Parallel – #’d to 2022
Green Rainbow Foil Board Parallel - #’d to 499
Orange Rainbow Foil Board Parallel - #’d to 299
Red Rainbow Foil Board Parallel - #’d to 199
Vintage Stock Parallel –#’d to 99
Independence Day Parallel - #’d to 76
Mother’s Day Hot Pink Parallel – #’d to 50
Father’s Day Powder Blue Parallel –#’d to 50
Memorial Day Camo Parallel – #’d to 25
Printing Plates – Printing plate of card fronts (4 sets) #’d 1/1
Platinum Parallel – #d 1/1
NEW! Art Card Parallel – featuring hand drawn art from LUKE THE CARDIST #d 1/1 (SELECT CARDS)

Look for special EXTREMELY RARE Golden Mirror Image Variations for all 330 base cards!
Will you be the one to collect them all?!?!

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