2024 Bowman Baseball Mega Box (4 Packs PLUS 2 Mojo Packs)

Size: Ripped Live
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2024 Bowman Baseball Mega Box (4 Packs PLUS 2 Mojo Packs) 

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6 Packs per Box (4 Bowman Packs with 10 Cards & 2 Bowman Mega Packs with 5 Cards)

Gear up as 2024 Bowman Mega Box bursts onto the scene, featuring the top-100 Base Set and Chrome Prospect cards from the 2024 Bowman Baseball on exclusive Mega Chrome pattern!

Look for (4) 2024 Bowman Baseball packs and (2) exclusive Mega Chrome packs per Mega Box!

Find the 1st Bowman Cards of Walker Jenkins, Dylan Crews, Brock Wilken, Aidan Miller, Kyle Teel, Arjun Nimmala, George Lombard Jr., Luis Baez, Brice Matthews, John Cruz, Robert Calaz, Yoeilin Cespedes, Walker Martin, and Cooper Pratt!


BASE SET: Look for the top-50 Base Set and top-50 Chrome Prospect cards from 2024 Bowman on exclusive Mega Chrome!

Product Highlights

  • Look for Autographs!
  • Find Parallels & Inserts!
  • Look for Mega Box Exclusives!

Key Rookies

  • Elly De La Cruz
  • Yoshinobu Yamamoto
  • Evan Carter
  • Jordan Lawlar
  • Jasson Domínguez
  • Marco Luciano
  • Sal Frelick
  • Jung-hoo Lee
  • Heston Kjerstad
  • Ceddanne Rafaela
  • Junior Caminero
  • Masyn Winn
  • Tyler Soderstrom
  • Ronny Mauricio
  • Colton Cowser
  • Henry Davis
  • Christian Encarnacion-Strand
  • Nolan Schanuel
  • Pete Crow-Armstrong
  • Kyle Harrison

Key Players

  • Walker Jenkins
  • Dylan Crews
  • Brock Wilken
  • Aidan Miller
  • Kyle Teel
  • Arjun Nimmala
  • George Lombard
  • Jackson Holliday
  • Wyatt Langford
  • Jackson Chourio
  • Paul Skenes
  • Roman Anthony
  • Xavier Isaac
  • Ethan Salas
  • Jett Williams
  • Jackson Merrill
  • Samuel Basallo

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