Dwarven Miner

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Dwarven Miner


Welcome to Dwarven Miner, a game that sends you underground to collect resources from a mine so that you can then use those resources to craft items for your patrons. In the game, you'll roll six custom dice in a push-your-luck style to see what can be pulled out of the mine. Craft those resources into all types of gear, from armor to magic wands to mithril swords. Patrons - which range from warriors and rune singers to alchemists and chieftains - are great and powerful dwarves who have chosen you to outfit them on their adventurous, mystical, and often dangerous professions. Each of them will require you to craft different items - and once those items are made, you can then activate those patrons. Each will earn you points and reward you with a special ability that affects the game. The first player to satisfy enough patrons to reach thirty points wins.
  • Officially Licensed
  • Ages 12+

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