Handmade Hattori Hanzo Kill Bill Beatrix Kiddo's Katana Sword With Red Blade

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Kill Bill fans and sword enthusiasts alike, prepare to be amazed by our meticulously crafted, handmade replica of Beatrix Kiddo's iconic katana from the legendary Kill Bill series. This full-tang sword embodies the very essence of the fearless Bride, with its high-performance blade and stunning design details. With only a limited number of pieces produced, this exquisite sword is a must-have for any true aficionado.

Key Features:
The Red Melaleuca Steel Blade:
At the heart of this masterful replica lies the red, razor-sharp blade made of folded melaleuca steel, famed for its extraordinary hardness and durability. This high-performance blade undergoes a meticulous folding process, imbuing the sword with a exceptional resilience. The full-tang construction ensures that the blade is securely fixed to the handle, providing optimal balance and handling for any display or demonstration purposes.

A Fusion of White Samegawa and Black Cord Wrapped Handle:
The handle of this exceptional katana is decorated with PU white samegawa (imitation rayskin) and black cord wrappings, paying homage to the traditional Japanese tsuka design. The contrast between the pristine white and bold black wrappings accentuates the intricate craftsmanship, providing a secure and comfortable grip while enhancing the sword's overall aesthetics.

Black Hardwood Saya with Premium Natural Lacquer:
Our Beatrix Kiddo katana replica is housed in a black saya, made from high-quality hardwood, ensuring maximum protection for the blade. The saya is meticulously hand-painted with premium natural lacquer, giving it a lustrous sheen that complements the sword's magnificent design. The black sageo cord adds a touch of elegance, securing the saya to the hilt and allowing for easy transport or display.

The Exquisite Alloy Tsuba:
The round tsuba of this splendid replica is made of black alloy material, showcasing the skilled craftsmanship of our artisans. This traditionally designed guard serves as a barrier between the blade and the handle, offering protection and style in equal measure. The black finish of the tsuba ties together the overall design, making this katana an unmistakable symbol of power and prestige.

Our handmade Beatrix Kiddo katana replica is the ultimate tribute to Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill series and the unstoppable force that is the Bride. With its full-tang construction, high-performance melaleuca steel blade, and attention to detail, this sword is an authentic piece of art that any collector or fan would be proud to own.
Don't miss the opportunity to add this remarkable katana to your collection. Embrace the power and determination of Beatrix Kiddo, and let this sword stand as a testament to your passion for cinema and martial arts history.
  • The red melaleuca steel blade
  • A fusion of white samegawa and black cord wrapped handle
  • Black hardwood saya with premium natural lacquer



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