Handmade Japanese Katana 1045 Carbon Steel With Black Blade And Blue Scabbard

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Introducing a superb embodiment of craftsmanship and martial tradition—the 1045 Carbon Steel Full-Tang Katana. This handmade masterpiece is not just a sword; it is a testament to the Samurai's honor, precision, and aesthetic sensibility.

Blade: The core of this katana is its sharp-edged blade, meticulously forged from 1045 carbon steel. Known for its robustness and excellent edge retention, this steel creates a blade that stands ready for the demands of martial arts practice while maintaining a formidable edge. Notably, the blade benefits from the innovative use of transfer printing technology, resulting in exquisite patterns that dance along the steel—a delightful marriage of modern techniques and traditional design.

Full tang: Adhering to the full-tang design principle, the katana provides superior balance and durability—an essential characteristic that ensures unwavering control in the hands of its wielder.

Handle: The handle is a testament to the art of fusion between functionality and aesthetics. It's made from hardwood and adorned with PU white samegawa (artificial ray skin), providing a comfortable and secure grip. The black cord wrap serves not only as an added security feature but also as a striking contrast to the white handle, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the katana.

Saya and sageo: The saya (scabbard) is carved from resilient hardwood and bathed in a premium natural lacquer, offering a mixed-color hue that adds a unique vibrancy to the sword's design. This captivating color play adds depth and intrigue, ensuring that this katana stands out as a true work of art. The black sageo (cord) used to secure the saya to the wielder's belt adds a touch of traditional authenticity and continuity to the design, complementing the handle's cord wrapping.

Tsuba: Adding a final touch of intrigue to this piece is the tsuba (hand guard), crafted from durable alloy. Its unique shape serves as an eye-catching element, adding a personalized touch to the overall design, while offering the necessary protection during use.

In essence, this 1045 Carbon Steel Full-Tang Katana is a harmonious blend of strength and beauty, old and new, practicality and artistry. It is more than a sword—it's a celebration of the Samurai spirit and a symbol of the way of the warrior.
  • 1045 carbon steel, full tang, handmade, sharp-edged blade with transfer printing technology.
  • Pu white samegawa and black cord wrapped handle.
  • Hardwood saya with premium natural lacquer, black sageo, alloy tsuba.

                                                      **THIS ITEM REQUIRES EXTRA HANDLING, PROCESSING, AND SHIPPING TIME FRAME**

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