Handmade Japanese Katana 1045 Carbon Steel With Blue Rose Blade And Dragon Tsuba

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Introducing a remarkable embodiment of craftsmanship and tradition: a handcrafted full-tang katana. This sword is not just a weapon but a symbol of the artistry, dedication, and spirit that is deeply woven into the history of the samurai.

Blade: The centerpiece of this katana is its sharp-edged blade, meticulously forged from 1045 carbon steel. This material is renowned for its excellent balance between hardness and flexibility, creating a durable and reliable blade that is well-suited for the rigors of martial arts practice. Uniquely, this blade boasts a subtle light purple hue, imbuing the weapon with an air of mystical elegance.

Handle: The sword's hardwood handle is tastefully adorned with white PU samegawa, a synthetic ray skin, providing both aesthetic appeal and a comfortable, secure grip. This handle is further enhanced with a blue cord wrap, adding a pop of color that beautifully contrasts with the white samegawa beneath.

Saya and sageo: The saya, or scabbard, is another testament to the artistry invested in this katana. Crafted from sturdy hardwood and finished with a premium natural lacquer, it radiates a stunning blue hue that mirrors the blue cord on the handle. This harmonious color coordination provides a sense of unity to the weapon's overall design. Complementing the saya is a blue sageo, or cord, which is used to secure the saya to the wearer's belt or obi. The matching color contributes to the visual cohesion of the piece, creating a seamless blend between the various components of the sword.

Tsuba: The katana is completed with a round alloy tsuba, or handguard, featuring a captivating dragon theme. The dragon, a potent symbol of power, strength, and good luck in Japanese culture, enhances the aura of mystique and power that this katana exudes.

This full-tang katana, a blend of high-quality materials, vibrant color design, and symbolic motifs, is more than a weapon—it's a statement piece, a tangible piece of history, and a testament to the enduring legacy of the samurai spirit.
  • 1045 carbon steel blade, handmade, full tang, sharp-edged and light purple blade.
  • Pu white samegawa and blue cord wrapped handle.
  • Hardwood saya with premium natural lacquer and has a blue hue.
  • Blue sageo, alloy tsuba with dragon theme.

                                              **THIS ITEM REQUIRES EXTRA HANDLING, PROCESSING, AND SHIPPING TIME FRAME**

                                              **PLEASE DM US FOR ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS OR PICTURES** 

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