Handmade Japanese Katana Sword 1095 Carbon Steel With White Scabbard

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  • Introducing our exquisite handmade full-tang katana sword, a stunning representation of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and artistry. This beautifully designed weapon features a base-sharp 1095 carbon steel blade, a red and white decorated handle, and a hardwood white saya with intricate feather-shaped patterns. The sword is not only a functional weapon but also an elegant piece of art to add to your collection or to use in martial arts practice.

    Key Features:
    Full-Tang Construction: Our handmade katana boasts a full-tang construction, meaning the blade extends through the entire length of the handle, providing exceptional balance, strength, and stability. This is a must-have feature for any serious sword enthusiast or practitioner of Japanese martial arts.
    Clay-Tempered 1095 Carbon Steel Blade: The 1095 carbon steel blade is known for its excellent edge retention and durability. The clay tempering process increases the hardness and flexibility of the blade. The base-sharp blade is perfect for cutting practice or display purposes.

    Intricate Handle Design: The handle is adorned with PU red samegawa (ray skin) and white cord wrappings, ensuring a comfortable grip and a striking appearance. The combination of red and white not only adds an elegant touch but also symbolizes the perfect balance of power and purity.

    Premium Hardwood White Saya: The saya (scabbard) is made of hardwood and coated with a premium natural lacquer, giving it a glossy finish and excellent durability. The saya is decorated with intricate feather-shaped patterns, which represent freedom, strength, and grace.

    White Sageo: The sageo (cord) is also white, complementing the saya's design and allowing for easy attachment to your belt or obi when wearing the sword.

    Iconic Iron Tsuba: The iron tsuba (handguard) features an iconic shape that not only protects your hands during use but also adds an extra layer of elegance and tradition to the sword's overall aesthetic.

    In summary, our handmade full-tang katana sword is a perfect addition to any sword enthusiast's collection or for those looking to train in traditional Japanese martial arts. The combination of the clay-tempered 1095 carbon steel blade, the beautifully decorated handle, and the premium hardwood white saya with feather patterns make this sword a true work of art. With its attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship, this katana is a symbol of tradition, grace, and strength that will be cherished for everyone.
    • Key features: katana, handmade, full tang, white scabbard, blade polished, base-sharp, alloy fittings
    • Fully functional samurai sword work of art, stunning workmanship and attention to detail.
    • Hand lacquered wooden saya protects blade, handsome color scheme.
    • Overall length: 40.5 inches, nagasa length: 28.3 inches, handle length: 10.2 inches, blade sharp: sharpened, blade material: 1095 carbon steel, blade width: 1.18 inches, saya material: wood, weight: 2.65 lbs


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