Handmade Japanese Katana Sword Damascus Steel Full Tang With Black Scabbard

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Presenting an embodiment of beauty, functionality, and the spirit of the Samurai—a meticulously handcrafted Full-Tang Katana, forged from Damascus Steel. This katana is not just a weapon; it is a testimony to the enduring allure and potency of centuries-old craftsmanship and martial valor.

Blade: The blade, a striking component of the sword, is made from the distinguished Damascus steel. Renowned for its resilience and edge retention, this steel forms a matte blade that possesses both an impressive sharp edge and a captivating, unique pattern reminiscent of flowing water. The full-tang construction of the katana further ensures superior strength and balance, characteristics that are paramount in the realm of martial arts.

Handle: The hilt of this katana is a masterclass in traditional handcrafting. Adorned with genuine white samegawa (ray skin) and bound with a black cord, it offers the wielder an exceptional grip. This symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality facilitates a harmony between the wielder and the weapon, ensuring precision and power in every movement.

Saya and sageo: Enveloping the blade is the saya (scabbard), a remarkable fusion of artistry and craftsmanship. Carved from resilient hardwood and finished with a premium natural black lacquer, it provides a striking contrast to the white samegawa handle. The saya comes alive with an intricately embossed dragon—a symbol of power, strength, and good luck in Japanese culture—providing a unique touch to this masterpiece. Adding a touch of subtlety and sophistication is the sageo, the cord that secures the saya to the belt. Dyed in the same profound black as the saya, it lends continuity to the sword's design and adds a layer of traditional authenticity.

Tsuba: The katana is graced with a round tsuba (hand guard) made from premium copper. Featuring an intricate wave theme, it not only adds to the sword's aesthetics but also its functionality by providing a safe and reliable barrier during use. The waves represent the power and resilience of nature, a theme closely tied to the Samurai spirit.

This Full-Tang Damascus Steel Katana is a meeting of art and weaponry, grace and power, tradition and innovation—a symbol of the honor and strength of the Samurai warrior. This is more than just a sword; it is an artifact that represents the essence of Bushido—the way of the warrior.
  • Damascus steel, full tang, handmade, sharp-edged blade.
  • Real white samegawa and black cord wrapped handle.
  • Black hardwood saya with premium natural lacquer, embossed craft saya.
  • Black sageo, copper tsuba with wave theme.


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