Handmade Japanese Katana Sword With Blue Blade And Scabbard

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Presenting a remarkable creation of traditional artistry and cultural heritage, a handcrafted full-tang katana. This exceptional sword serves as an embodiment of the samurai's valor and precision, harmonizing form and function in a remarkable manifestation of skill.

Blade: At the heart of this masterpiece is a sharp-edged blade, masterfully forged from 1095 carbon steel, known for its incredible durability and exceptional edge retention. The blade exhibits a captivating blue hue, imbuing it with an aura of mystique and a sense of the profound depth of the ocean, enhancing its allure and inviting intrigue.

Handle: The handle of the katana exudes an elegant contrast of colors and textures. Crafted from sturdy hardwood, it is adorned with white PU samegawa, providing an exquisite tactile experience. Wrapped meticulously around the handle is a black cord intertwined with golden leather, not only ensuring a secure grip but also adding a touch of opulence to the sword.

Saya and sageo: The saya, or scabbard, is a work of art in its own right. Made from durable hardwood, it showcases a vibrant hand-painted theme, transforming it into a canvas of remarkable visual storytelling. This multi-colored saya adds a personalized touch to the weapon, making each sword a unique testament to its creator's artistic vision. A sageo, or cord, in blue and yellow ties the saya to the user's waist, mirroring the color palette of the sky and sun. This functional accessory adds a harmonious element to the design, subtly echoing the colors present in the saya.

Tsuba: Adding to this stunning weapon is a tsuba, or guard, made from a sturdy alloy. The tsuba showcases a delicate flower theme, a symbol of life and beauty amidst the battlefield. This intricate design serves not just a practical purpose of protecting the wielder's hand, but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the weapon.

In conclusion, this handmade, full-tang katana is a symphony of craft, tradition, and artistry. From the blue-hued 1095 carbon steel blade to the multi-colored hand-painted saya, and from the white samegawa handle wrapped with black cord and gold leather to the flower-themed tsuba, each detail of this weapon tells a story of discipline, valor, and superb craftsmanship. This katana is not just a weapon—it's a piece of living history.
  • 1095 carbon steel blade, handmade, full tang, sharp-edged and blue blade.
  • Pu white samegawa and black cord wrapped handle.
  • Multi-colored saya with hand-painted theme, blue and yellow sageo, alloy tsuba.
  • Fully functional samurai sword work of art, stunning workmanship, and attention to detail.


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