Handmade Japanese Katana T10 Carbon Steel With Rose Gold Blade

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Introducing the masterpiece of traditional Japanese swordsmithing, a bespoke full-tang katana, carefully crafted to embody the samurai spirit in its every curve and cut. This magnificent weapon is not only a testament to the long-lived heritage of the samurai but also a symbol of honor and bravery.

Blade: The centerpiece of this elegant weapon is its formidable blade. Made from superior T10 carbon steel, renowned for its high performance and durability, it has been forged and honed to a razor-sharp edge, poised and ready for precision strikes. But this is more than a weapon; it is a work of art. The blade glows with a rich golden hue, the result of a careful clay tempering process, and exhibits a beautifully authentic hamon—a visual hallmark of traditional Japanese katanas.

Handle: The handle of this masterpiece is an echo of practical elegance. It is carved from hardwood, ensuring a firm and balanced grip, and adorned with black PU samegawa. This imitation ray skin not only provides excellent hold but lends an air of classic refinement. Wrapped over this is a black cord, offering a comfortable yet secure grip during any form of combat.

Saya and sageo: Aesthetics and functionality blend harmoniously in the black saya, or scabbard. Meticulously crafted from hardwood, the saya is finished with a premium natural lacquer to enhance its durability and charm. An intricately engraved tiger pattern complements the formidable essence of the katana, symbolizing courage and power. The sageo, the cord that ties the saya to the waist, maintains the monochrome theme with its stark black hue. Functional yet stylish, it serves as an integral part of the overall presentation.

Tsuba: Finally, the silver round tsuba, or guard, truly sets this katana apart. Made from a robust alloy material, this protective accessory features an intricate dragon theme, symbolizing wisdom, power, and protection. It serves as the perfect finishing touch to this exceptional sword, melding form and function into one.

In conclusion, this handmade katana is not just a weapon, but a conversation between past and present. A narrative of art, craftsmanship, tradition, and strength - it is the epitome of the samurai spirit, brought to life in steel, wood, and gold.
  • T10 carbon steel, hand sharpened, full tang, clay tempered to produce a real hamon line, sharp-edged blade.
  • Pu black samegawa and black cord wrapped handle.
  • Black hardwood saya with premium natural lacquer, tiger themed saya.
  • Black sageo, alloy tsuba with dragon theme.

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