Handmade Japanese Obsidian Katana With Black Blade And Strap

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Introducing the remarkable masterpiece of the swordsmith's art, a hand-forged full-tang Katana, a weapon that is as lethal as it is aesthetically pleasing. This mastercrafted blade is forged with exacting precision, embodying the time-honored tradition of Japanese sword making.

Blade: At its core lies 1060 carbon steel, known for its excellent durability and sharpness. The steel is expertly worked and tempered to create a blackened blade, an ominous and sleek apparition that promises lethal efficiency. This Katana embodies a perfect balance between form and function, its cutting edge honed to a razor sharpness, silently whispering tales of skill and precision.

Handle: Adorning this fearsome blade is a handle crafted from hardwood. Its design is a showcase of attention to detail, wrapped in polyurethane black samegawa (rayskin) that offers both superior grip and an aesthetic that harks back to the age of samurais. The handle is further wrapped in PU black leather, creating a stark contrast that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the hand.

Saya: Safeguarding this magnificent weapon is a saya, or sheath, constructed from hardwood and exquisitely wrapped in PU black leather. The sheath's design mirrors the austerity and elegance of the blade it houses, ensuring a perfect aesthetic union between blade and scabbard.

Tsuba: Completing the Katana's aesthetics is the tsuba, or hand guard. Cast from iron and finished with a black hue, the tsuba provides protection and balance while adding a profound sense of elegance. It enhances the overall silhouette of the sword, creating a striking visual impact that further cements the aura of deadly beauty that surrounds this mastercrafted weapon.

In its entirety, this full-tang, hand-forged Katana is more than a weapon, it's a symbol, a testament to the timeless art of Japanese sword making. It is a work of art, a piece of history, and a formidable tool, all rolled into one.
  • 1060 carbon steel blade, full tang, handmade, sharp-edged and black blade.
  • Pu black samegawa and pu black leather wrapped handle.
  • Hardwood saya wrapped with pu black leather, iron tsuba.


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