Handmade Japanese Sword With Rose Gold Blade

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Introducing the Full-Tang 1095 Carbon Steel Katana, a superbly crafted weapon that stands as a fascinating blend of tradition, strength, and the captivating spirit of Japanese swordcraft. This unique piece brings together the enduring practice of sword making and the vibrant world of manga, creating a katana that transcends the ordinary.

Blade: The essence of this exceptional katana lies in its sharp-edged blade, meticulously crafted from 1095 carbon steel. Known for its outstanding hardness and durability, 1095 carbon steel ensures the blade retains a keen edge while standing up to the rigors of use. The blade's golden hue adds an unexpected touch of elegance and refinement, casting an ethereal glow that sets this katana apart from traditional counterparts. The full-tang design further enhances the sword's strength and balance, ensuring a seamless union between blade and wielder.

Handle: The handle, carved from hardwood, features a PU black samegawa, a synthetic representation of ray skin, that provides a firm, comfortable grip. This is further enhanced by a black cord wrap, offering an elegant, monochromatic aesthetic that beautifully complements the golden blade.

Saya and sageo: The saya, or scabbard, crafted from hardwood and finished in a deep, glossy black hue courtesy of premium natural lacquer, holds a delightful surprise. It showcases a unique carp and waves theme, offering a colorful, vibrant contrast to the saya's black base. This fusion of traditional and contemporary, art and combat, speaks to the katana's ability to transcend time and convention. The black sageo, or cord, matches the saya, enhancing the sword's harmonious design.

Tsuba: Adding a final layer of uniqueness is the alloy tsuba, or handguard, decorated with irregular hollows. This creative design adds an element of intrigue, enhancing the overall aesthetics while also serving a practical purpose during combat.

The Full-Tang 1095 Carbon Steel Katana is not just a weapon; it is a symbol of tradition, strength, and a bold embrace of modernity. Whether wielded in martial arts, displayed as a collector's item, or appreciated as a conversation piece, this manga-themed katana leaves a lasting impression.
  • Made with 1095 carbon steel and has high-performance hardness and flexibility, sharp-edged and golden blade.
  • Pu black samegawa and black cord wrapped handle.
  • Carp and waves theme hardwood scabbard with high-quality piano paint finish.
  • Black sageo, alloy tsuba with irregular hollows.

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