Handmade Real Japanese Samurai Sword Real Hamon With Red Saya

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  • Presenting the exceptional full-tang, handmade Katana Sword, a majestic blend of superior craftsmanship, tradition, and modern aesthetics. Created with the utmost care and precision, this katana embodies the honor, discipline, and artistry inherent in the timeless tradition of Japanese sword making.

    Blade: The heart of this katana is a hand-sharpened blade crafted from T10 carbon steel, recognized globally for its toughness, excellent edge retention, and durability. The blade, treated to a high polish, gleams with an understated elegance, and the clay tempering process has endowed it with a distinct hamon—a visual representation of the sword's hardened edge and a mark of its superior quality.

    Handle: The handle is crafted from robust hardwood and features a vibrant PU red samegawa, a faux ray skin wrap that provides an exceptional grip. The contrasting black cord wrap enhances the grip while adding to the katana's striking aesthetic.

    Saya and sageo: Encasing this formidable blade is the saya, or scabbard, lovingly fashioned from hardwood and finished with a premium natural lacquer. The saya boasts a vibrant red hue, resonating with the red samegawa of the handle and tying the design together. Exquisite patterns etched into the saya add a layer of visual intrigue and elegance to the design. Completing the cohesive design, a black sageo, or cord, contrasts beautifully with the red saya, mirroring the color palette of the handle and enhancing the overall visual harmony.

    Tsuba: The tsuba, or guard, cast from resilient copper, protects the hand from the blade while adding an artistic touch to the weapon. The flower theme adorning the tsuba symbolizes life, renewal, and beauty, adding a layer of symbolic depth to the sword. Notably, the tsuba utilizes gold and silver gilding technology, a testament to the detailed craftsmanship involved. This technique imparts a lustrous finish to the tsuba, setting it apart as a piece of art in its own right.

    In its entirety, this full-tang, handmade katana sword is an impressive display of tradition, craftsmanship, and beauty. From its T10 carbon steel blade to the intricately patterned saya, every aspect of the sword tells a story of the enduring legacy of Japanese sword making. This katana is a masterpiece that any sword enthusiast would be proud to possess.
    • T10 carbon steel, hand sharpened, handmade, full tang, clay tempered, real hamon, razor sharp blade.
    • Pu red samegawa and black cord wrapped handle.
    • Red hardwood saya with premium natural lacquer and exquisite patterns.
    • Black sageo, copper tsuba with flowers theme, gold and silver gilding tsuba.


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