High-performance Japanese Samurai Sword With Hamon Blade

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Introducing the Celestial Waves Full-Tang Damascus Katana Sword, an exquisite fusion of traditional design and exceptional materials. This masterfully crafted sword features a striking Damascus steel blade, a mix-color hardwood scabbard coated with premium natural lacquer, a hardwood handle decorated with white ray-skin and black cord wrappings, and a black sageo. The wave-themed tsuba and other fittings are made of copper material, adding a touch of durability and elegance to this remarkable piece of functional art.

Key Features:
Full-Tang Damascus Steel Blade:
The Celestial Waves Katana showcases a full-tang blade made of superior Damascus steel, renowned for its unique patterns, strength, and sharpness. The intricately forged blade is a testament to the swordsmith's skill and dedication to the craft.

Mix-Color Hardwood Scabbard with Premium Natural Lacquer:
The mix-color hardwood scabbard is coated with premium natural lacquer, providing an elegant, sleek, and durable protective cover for the blade. This high-quality scabbard not only preserves the sword but also adds a touch of sophistication and style to its appearance.

Hardwood Handle with White Ray-Skin and Black Cord Wrappings:
The handle of the Celestial Waves Katana is made of hardwood and decorated with genuine white ray-skin and black cord wrappings. This traditional Japanese design ensures a comfortable and secure grip, allowing the sword to feel balanced and secure in your hand.

Wave-Themed Copper Tsuba and Fittings:
The wave-themed tsuba and other fittings of the katana are crafted from copper material, adding a sense of durability and elegance. The metal fittings seamlessly blend with the sword's design, contributing to its overall aesthetics and evoking the power and beauty of the ocean.

Black Sageo:
The black sageo complements the black cord wrappings and adds a touch of contrast to the mix-color scabbard and handle. The sageo serves a practical purpose as well, enabling the secure attachment of the scabbard to a belt or sash for easy carrying.

The Celestial Waves Full-Tang Damascus Katana Sword is perfect for a wide range of uses, including:
Martial arts practice and demonstrations
Sword collectors and enthusiasts
Traditional Japanese ceremonies and events
Home or office display
Unique and thoughtful gift for a loved one
With its breathtaking design, outstanding craftsmanship, and high-quality materials, the Celestial Waves Full-Tang Damascus Katana Sword is a must-have for any sword enthusiast or collector. Don't miss the opportunity to add this extraordinary piece to your collection.
  • Hand-forged full-tang damascus steel blade
  • Hardwood handle with white ray-skin and black cord wrappings
  • Mix-color hardwood scabbard with premium natural lacquer
  • Wave-themed copper tsuba
  • Black sageo


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