HOT! ONE PACK 2023 Bowman Draft Baseball Super Jumbo Pack (1 Auto)

Size: Ripped Live
Sale price$219.69


ONE PACK of 2023 Bowman Draft Baseball Super Jumbo Pack (1 Auto) RIPPED Paper and Chrome

1 Packs, 120 Cards Per Pack

  • Find the 1995 Bowman Tom Brady Card!

Key Players

  • Wyatt Langford
  • Paul Skenes
  • Max Clark
  • Matt Shaw
  • Hurston Waldrep
  • Brock Wilken
  • Tommy Troy
  • Bryce Eldridge
  • Brayden Taylor
  • Ethan Salas
  • Druw Jones
  • Jackson Holliday
  • Jackson Chourio
  • Jackson Merrill
  • Samuel Basallo
  • Tom Brady

BOX INFO:  One Random Pack

Each Box contains Five Chrome Prospect Autograph Cards!

Look for the 1st Bowman Cards of Wyatt Langford, Paul Skenes, Matt Shaw, Max Clark, Colt Emerson, Jacob Wilson, Hurston Waldrep, Rhett Lowder, Noble Meyer, Tommy Troy, Bryce Eldridge, Brayden Taylor, Dillon Head, Jonny Farmelo, and Tai Peete!

Find the 1995 Bowman Dream Draft Pick Tom Brady Card! Featuring Bowman Retrofractor Carl Yastrzemski!

Collect the entire 200-card Base Set featuring fresh Draft Picks and top current Prospects from throughout the MLB Pipeline!

Look for an assortment of all-new variation themes and collectible insert sets!



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