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Introducing our meticulously crafted, full-tang, handmade replica of Kanao Tsuyuri's sword from the popular anime series Demon Slayer. As a faithful reproduction of Kanao's legendary weapon, this exquisite piece embodies both the power and elegance of the character herself, making it an ideal addition to any fan's collection. With its top-notch materials and attention to detail, this sword is not only a stunning display piece but also a functional weapon for enthusiasts and practitioners.

Key Features:
Full-tang, sharp-edged 1045 carbon steel red blade:
Our Kanao Tsuyuri sword replica is constructed using only the finest materials to ensure an authentic feel and appearance. The full-tang red blade is forged from 1045 carbon steel, known for its durability and sharpness. This high-quality steel ensures that the blade can maintain its edge for an extended period, while also providing the strength needed for training or cutting exercises.

Decorative handle with red PU samegawa and white cord wrappings:
The handle is adorned with a vibrant red PU samegawa, a synthetic representation of the traditional ray skin, providing a comfortable grip and an authentic look. This is further enhanced by the white cord wrappings, which not only add a touch of elegance to the sword but also ensure a secure hold during use.

Hardwood black saya with premium natural lacquer finish:
The black saya, or scabbard, is crafted from hardwood, providing solid protection for the blade while not in use. It is coated with a premium natural lacquer, giving it a sleek, glossy finish that complements the sword's overall aesthetic. This exquisite scabbard also features a traditional kurikata and sageo, allowing for easy attachment to a belt or display stand.

Artistic alloy tsuba featuring a flowers theme:
To complete the sword's stunning appearance, the tsuba, or handguard, is made from a high-quality alloy material, intricately designed with a beautiful flowers theme. This adds an artistic and symbolic touch, reminiscent of Kanao Tsuyuri's graceful fighting style and connection to nature.

This handmade Kanao Tsuyuri sword replica is the ultimate collector's piece for any Demon Slayer enthusiast, offering both a visually striking display item and a functional weapon. Whether you're a dedicated fan of the anime, a practitioner of swordsmanship, or simply an admirer of fine craftsmanship, this exquisite replica is sure to be a prized addition to your collection. Embrace the spirit of Kanao Tsuyuri and the Demon Slayer series with this exceptional, handcrafted sword replica.
  • Full-tang, sharp-edged 1045 carbon steel red blade
  • Decorative handle with red pu samegawa and white cord wrappings
  • Hardwood black saya with premium natural lacquer finish
  • Artistic alloy tsuba featuring a flowers theme



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