MtG Trading Card Game Game Night Starter Decks Set [5 Exclusive Cards!]

Sale price$159.99



    • You and 1–4 friends can START PLAYING MAGIC: THE GATHERING instantly with this multiplayer starter set.
    • JUST OPEN AND PLAY. Everything is in the box. 5 60-card decks, 5 dice for tracking life totals, and all the accessories you need to play.
    • These five decks were designed as an intuitive way to TEACH YOUR FRIENDS MAGIC.
    • BRING MAGIC ANYWHERE. Magic Game Night comes in a sturdy, portable box so you can take Magic with you wherever you game.
    • MIX AND MATCH cards to quickly and easily build your own decks for endless replayability.
    • Rise from the grave with the black deck’s zombies or unleash chaos with the red deck’s dragons. Magic Game Night’s 5 READY-TO-PLAY DECKS showcase the five colors of Magic and the strategies unique to each one.
    • Magic Game Night DEBUTS FIVE MAGIC CARDS: Militant Angel, Inspired Sphinx, Rot Hulk, Goblin Goliath, and Avatar of Growth.

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