Hand Forged Medieval European Sword Stainless Steel Blade

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In the heart of medieval Europe, amidst the tales of knights and nobles, stands an icon of strength and honor – the sword. Not just any sword, but one that embodies the age-old traditions of craftsmanship and the relentless pursuit of perfection. This sword, a magnificent hand-forged piece, is a testament to the timeless art of swordsmithing.

Key Features:
Stainless Steel Full Tang Blade:
From the outset, one notices the blade, forged from the finest stainless steel. In an era where swords often bore the brunt of intense battles and harsh elements, stainless steel was a revelation. Resistant to rust and tarnish, this material ensured that the sword remained untarnished, reflecting its bearer's honor and valor. The blade's sharp edge symbolizing the unwavering spirit of the medieval knight. The design is not just about performance but also speaks volumes about its aesthetic finesse. Full-tang in construction, this blade extends seamlessly into the hilt, ensuring maximum strength and durability. This design was a hallmark of the medieval European swords, offering unparalleled balance and combat efficiency.

Wood Grip and Scabbard Wrapped with Black PU Leather:
But a sword is not just about its blade. The grip and scabbard are elements that add to its majesty and functionality. Made from seasoned wood, these components have been meticulously crafted to provide a firm yet comfortable grip, ensuring the wielder's authority over the weapon. Wrapped in elegant black PU leather, they exude an aura of sophistication, blending seamlessly with the sleek silhouette of the blade. The leather not only offers an added layer of protection but also lends a touch of opulence to the sword, reminiscent of the grandeur of medieval European courts.

Zinc Alloy Pommel and Guard:
The finishing touches, the pommel, and the guard, are crafted from zinc alloy, a metal known for its strength and malleability. Their intricate designs echo the artistry of medieval Europe, with every curve and edge narrating tales of gallantry and chivalry. Functionally, the pommel ensures the sword's balance while the guard provides protection to the wielder's hand, making them integral to the sword's design.

In its entirety, this hand-forged medieval European sword is not just a weapon; it is a piece of history, a work of art. It stands as a testament to the craftsmanship of the bygone era and the spirit of the knights who once wielded it. Whether displayed in grand halls or wielded in reenactments, this sword is bound to evoke awe and reverence, reminding us of the legacy of steel that shaped a continent and its history.



Dimensions 43.3 * 2.6 * 0.2 Inches
Weight 3.7 Pounds
Packing Size 46 x 9.84 x 2.75 Inches
Shipping Weight 9.9 Pounds

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