The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Commander Deck - Riders of Rohan

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  • 1 Commander Deck
  • 100 card decks

            Magic the Gathering The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Commander Deck

            Commander is not only one of the most popular Magic formats but also how a lot of people learn to play. Commander Decks are designed to make learning Magic through Commander a great experience for those new players. These decks are the perfect onramp for folks diving into both Commander and Magic in general.

            The beloved story and characters of The Lord of the Rings meet the thrilling gameplay of Magic: The Gathering in this The Lord of the Rings - themed Commander Deck. Try out Magic's most popular format with a deck that's ready to play right out of the box and fight for the fate of Middle-earth.

            Magic meets The Lord of the Rings - Experience the beloved story of The Lord of the Rings with the strategic gameplay of Magic: The Gathering, facing off against opponents in thrilling magical battles.

            Join The Fellowship - Immerse yourself in Middle-earth with unique game mechanics and stunning art that draw you into this epic tale.

            Epic Multiplayer Battles - Commander is a multiplayer way to play Magic, an epic, free-for-all battle full of strategic plays and social intrigue.

            Contents of each Commander Deck:

            • [100] card ready-to-play Commander Deck
            • [1] 2-card Collector Booster Sample Pack
            • [2] traditional foils
            • [98] nonfoil cards
            • [1] foil-etched Display Commander
            • [10] double-sided tokens
            • [1] Helper card
            • [1] life tracker
            • [1] deck box

            Introduces 20 MTG cards not found in the main set

                   Wizards of the Coast / WotC presents Magic: the Gathering / MTG

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