Tome of Beasts III: Limited Edition (D&D 5E Compatible)

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Tome of Beasts III: Limited Edition (D&D 5E Compatible)

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Whether you need creepy crawlies to clamber from the dark places or sinister visitors to make your favorite fantasy city come alive, Tome of Beasts III has what you're looking for! From swamps to arctic tundra, mountains to deserts, and coastlines to badlands, every region is fully represented.

This beautiful, limited edition version of the full book shows off a gorgeous foil-stamped cover, deluxe endpapers, and a ribbon bookmark.

Tome of Beasts III brings you:
 • Void knights and breakwater trolls
 • Musk deer and fiend lords
 • Prismatic dragons and royal chimeras
 • Stained glass moths and voidclaw zombies
 • Tar golems and witchwillows
 • Kobold drake riders and hellfire giants

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