2018 Topps Heritage is HOT!


Hobby history is most apparent in the base set, which takes on the same general design as Topps’ 1969 release. The means a white border with a rounded frame, the team name in large block letters along the bottom and the player’s name and position in a round circle.

The full 2018 Topps Heritage checklist has 500 cards, the final 100 of which are short prints. Insertion rates for the SP cards has not yet been announced. Traditionally, they’re not too rare but tough enough to a a challenge for set builders.

Shohei Ohtani was a late addition to the set. He’s included on an additional short-printed card as part of the Action Image Variations.

Parallels are a mix of new and returning themes. 100th Anniversary parallels debut with a foil stamp featuring the MLB Silhouetted Batter logo from 1969. These have 25 copies each. Magenta Backs are even harder to pull. They have ten copies each.

2018 Topps Heritage Baseball hobby packs have a pair of exclusive parallels, Black Border (50 copies each) and Flip Stock (5 copies each). Flip Stock cards have a matte front and glossy back, basically the opposite of regular cards. It’s what you’d get if a card sheet was flipped over before the cards were printed.

Chrome cards return as a partial parallel of 100 cards. Parallels include Refractors (/569), Black (/69), hobby-only Gold (/5) and Superfractors (1/1). Hot Box Refractors also return.

Select cards have Mini parallels as well numbered to 100.