Handmade Japanese Katana Sword With Bronze Totem Theme Leather Scabbard

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Our Handmade Katana Sword is a high-quality, authentic katana sword made by skilled craftsmen. The sword features a curved manganese steel blade that is clay tempered and sharp-edged, providing excellent cutting power and durability. The uneven parts on the blade are hand-made, giving each sword a unique and authentic look.

Blade: The blade of the Handmade Katana Sword is crafted from high-quality manganese steel, which is known for its durability, strength, and ability to hold a sharp edge. The blade is curved, just like traditional Japanese katana swords, and is clay tempered to provide a harder edge and better flexibility. The uneven parts on the blade are hand-made, giving each sword a unique look and enhancing its authenticity.

Handle: The handle of the Handmade Katana Sword is wrapped with PU black samegawa and gold leather wrappings, which provide a comfortable grip and an elegant look. The handle is designed to fit perfectly in the hand, providing excellent balance and control during use.

Saya: The saya, or scabbard, of the Handmade Katana Sword is wrapped with high-quality leather and features a bronze totem theme, giving it a beautiful golden and bronze coloration. The saya is designed to fit the blade perfectly, providing protection and allowing for easy carrying and storage.

Tsuba: The black tsuba, or guard, of the Handmade Katana Sword is made of iron and features a simple yet elegant round design. The tsuba provides protection for the hand and also helps to balance the sword.

Competitive Advantage:
Our Handmade Katana Sword stands out from other katana swords on the market due to its high-quality materials and authentic craftsmanship. Each sword is unique and hand-made, providing a one-of-a-kind product to our customers.

Overall, the Handmade Katana Sword is a beautifully crafted and authentic Japanese sword that is perfect for collectors, martial artists, and enthusiasts alike. Its high-quality materials, unique design, and excellent craftsmanship make it a standout product on the market. Do not miss it, order now!
  • Expertly hand forged by seasoned sword smiths using proven, centuries-old technique
  • Exclusive process yields stunning blade color, hand sharpened, full tang,
  • Fully handmade iron tsuba and premium alloy fittings
  • High-quality bronze totem theme leather saya protects blade, handsome color scheme.


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