Handmade Japanese Samurai Sword With Blue Blade And Silver Scabbard

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Introducing the mesmerizing Full-Tang Manganese Steel Katana, a fusion of remarkable craftsmanship, practicality, and pure aesthetics. This handcrafted katana represents the perfect blend of strength and beauty, capturing the timeless allure of traditional Japanese sword-making while offering unique modern twists.

Blade: The soul of this katana lies within its full-tang, sharp-edged blade, forged from manganese steel known for its exceptional durability and resistance to wear. Uniquely, the blade exhibits a captivating blue hue, lending it a surreal, ethereal quality that sets it apart from the conventional. Further enhancing its visual appeal are leaf-shaped patterns embellishing the blade - an intricate detail that beautifully complements its overall design.

Handle: The handle is skillfully crafted from hardwood, adorned with PU white samegawa - synthetic ray skin - offering a unique tactile experience and a firm grip. A pristine white cord, wrapped meticulously around the handle, enhances its grip while adding a refined elegance to the sword.

Saya and sageo: The saya, or scabbard, is made from hardwood and is wrapped with silver PU leather, lending a luxurious touch to the ensemble. The combination of silver and the blue hue of the blade creates an appealing contrast, reflecting a harmony of earth and sky, tranquility, and readiness. Adding an exquisite detail to the saya is the sageo - the cord used to secure the saya. The sageo displays a blend of blue and white, mirroring the theme colors of the katana and reinforcing its overall aesthetic.

Tsuba: Lastly, the tsuba or handguard, made of silver alloy, is delicately shaped to resemble a lotus leaf. This intricate detail is not just aesthetically pleasing but serves a crucial function, protecting the wielder's hands during battle. The lotus leaf design adds a touch of tranquility to the weapon, reinforcing the dichotomy of peace and violence that all swords inherently symbolize.

The Full-Tang Manganese Steel Katana is more than just a weapon; it's a captivating piece of art that pays homage to the centuries-old samurai tradition. Whether for combat, martial arts practice, or as a collector's item, this beautifully handcrafted katana is an exceptional testament to the enduring allure of Japanese craftsmanship.
  • High manganese steel blade, full tang, sharp-edged, handmade.
  • White cord handle with white ray-skin wrap.
  • Silver scabbard, alloy tsuba shaped like a lotus leaf.
  • Expertly handmade by seasoned swordsmiths using proven, a centuries-old technique.


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