MTG: Core Set 2019 Bundle Gift Edition

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MTG: Core Set 2019 Bundle Gift Edition

Claim The Power Of The Core Set! Core set 2019 marks the return of the core set to Magic: The Gathering. IT's the first such set since Magic Orgins was released three years ago. Core Set 2019 brings you classic Magic gameplay, and its's a great set of cards for teaching your friends to play Magic! It ties everything together with the origin of one of the oldest and most important Magic Villains. When we decided to bring the core set back to magic, we had a unique opportunity to showcase the elder dragon Planeswalker Nicol Bolas! THis ancient tyrant has terrorized the Multiverse for millennia and is the main villain of the current storeline. Core Set 2019 offered us a great venue to present his backstory and his evil plans for players new and old. I wanted everyone to understand that Boals is focused on reclaiming the immortality and nigh-unlimited power he's once possessed. i also wanted to present his minions, his foes, his evil schdmes, and event his relatives!
Play Your Way! Create your own unique path to victory! Core Set 2019 has everything you need to explore, play, and perfect your signature strategy!

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